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Moonjar Children's Corner

"I've saved one thousand and thirty-five dollars and one penny.  I'm saving for college.  I'm also saving for a house.  I want to live in Toppenish close to my family"
-- Grecia Vlladares, 10
Toppenish, Washington

"To save money is important so when you don't have any money you can take your Moonjar and take the save money out so you can have some food when you don't have any food.  You can save to go to school and become a doctor or a teacher."
-- Mercedes Gonzales, 9
Wapato, Washington

"Now, sometimes, I talk to my parents about money.  Sometimes they say, 'Do you want money for your Moonjar?' I put half of the money I have into the save and half into the spend and then a couple of extra dollars ino share."
-- Daniel Estrada, 11
Sunnyside, Washington

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Parents On Moonjar

"Honestly, we had not talked to Grecia about money or how to save.  We had always thought of opening some sort of savings account for her, but for one reason or another we had simply not done it. The opportunity came about when she talked to us about Moonjar. What a good idea!"
-- Maricela Valladares
Agricultural Field Worker and Mother of Grecia (9) Toppenish, WA

"Moonjar will facilitate talking about money because it gives children the authority and the power to administer their money. It's a good idea because we are used to one piggy bank, but Moonjar is three different boxes, so it really, really helps us a lot [...]. He's learning about the concept of sacrificing to gain and to help the kids to be unselfish and to share how they've been so blessed."
-- Enedeo Garza
Pastor and Father of Endeo (10) Toppenish, WA


"This is a great project to get parents involved. And I've really gotten involved. I ask Mercedes if she put money in her Moonjar.  I always remind her.  It's a part of our family now. We are all, not only her but all of us, learning to save more and share and not only to spend. It's opened up a lot of communication lines in our home."
-- Graciela Gonzales
First Grade Teacher and Mother of Mercedes (9) Wapato, WA

"Moonjar has helped him to be conscious. He knows that he cannot spend money on just anything because there are people in the world who are really in need. Two or three dollars... many people in other parts of the world are very poor and desperately need those dollars, and so he simply should not spend his money unwisely. He has learned to use his money for good things and he is learning to allocate his money."
-- Felicitas Estrada
Student and Mother of Daniel (10) Sunnyside, WA




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